Specially developed product helped the Luxury department store to prevent $550k monthly loss improved the quality of VIP Customer service.

The main difference of the industry is the quality of customer service. Due to the high flow of customers, staff are often overlooked in the VIP segment, which reduces the quality of service in this segment of sales, resulting in a loss of potential profits in this sector of 10-15% percent per month.

ORBL presented the product could improve the service of VIP relations, that allows to feel clients themselves as a desire guest.
VIP that caught in the frame of the camera at the entrance straightly gets into the sight of responsible managers. Facial recognition technology identifies the person and if that person related to VIPs or the loyalty program, provides the CRM card with the sizes, preferences and the history of previous purchases. While the client climbing to the right floor, the personnel already waiting for him.

Facial recognition platform allowed to create the payment provider new alternative innovative contactless payment tool. Joint product helps cafes and restaurants to keep customers on European resorts.

Resorts all over the world lost seasonally ~25% of the additional services’ revenue. The main reason is the inconvenience of carrying “wallets” or using new traditional payments tools.

The integration of the facial recognition platform with the payment kiosks software allowed ORBL and the payment provider partner to create the totally new innovative biometric payment tool. Payment by face that successfully becomes an alternative to other contactless payment methods. The level of payment security increases because of the inability to transfer the payment instrument to a third party

Easy registration trough the app and you can pay your orders simply looking at the camera.
Just imagine that your face becomes a payment method. No phones, no cards, no money in the pockets. This completely changes the reality of consumption.
European resorts have already started to use it also to add all the costs to the room account. Technology will increase the revenue of the b2b customers by  ~ 30% . According the polls 80% of guests and 40% of visitors are ready to specifically leave wallets and pay for their orders by face.