Building computer vision and AI software solutions that connect science, data, technologies and people.

Our purpose is to provide our customers with instruments to operate with new type of data which opens up great opportunities for business growth, enabled by artifical intelligence technologies.

  • Predictive analytics

    Working with big data analysis, combination of carefully chosen algorithms enables prediction of technical equipment work and human behavior.

  • Facial recognition

    One of the most advanced platforms on the market with cloud access as well as possibility of local deploy, ready-to-use, easy to implement.

  • Audio identification

    Identification by voice for access verification, conversation and speech analytics including words back-lists.

Professionals in facial recognition


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Facial recognition platform

  • efficient


    Highest identification accuracy - false rate is 1 mistake in 3.3. million.

  • Solid

    Working in real life conditions: poor lightning, head turns up to 70°, etc.

  • agile


    Platform is compatible with any existing IP-cameras.

  • scalable


    On i5 is enough to connect up to 20 videostreams to the cloud.

  • fast


    Identification in real time manner: the whole circle is less than 1 second.

  • smart


    Our platform identifies gender / age / mood / liveness with date / time / location.

What is PPS

PPS is a user component and has to be installed locally.

We developed a separate component for local installation to save our customer's resources - preprocessing server (PPS). When using PPS there is no need to push high-quality videostream to the cloud. It cuts small pictures of the faces from the frame, the algorythm choses the most optimal one and sends it to the cloud once in specified time period.

scheme tablet scheme
mobile scheme

PPS installed on mashine with i5 processor is enabling connection up to 20 videostreams from any IP cameras


New tool enabling new horizons for business intelligence

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